Capitol Hauntings

As part of my research efforts in preparing the manuscript for The Essential Ed Koterba, I read all of my dad’s articles from newspaper clippings my mom saved. For this upcoming Halloween, I’m sharing the following original clipping of a 1956 article about “Capitol Hauntings.”


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Royal Reflections

In the popular 1950s column A Bit of Washington, Ed Koterba offers personal reflections of Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the U.S. 60 years ago, including insightful observations of Prince Philip, Mamie Eisenhower, and then Secretary of State John Foster Dulles.

Prince Philip


Ed Koterba greets Queen Elizabeth 60 years ago today

Since ascending the thrown in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II has visited the United States on five occasions. Her first visit to the U.S. was exactly 60 years ago today, October 17, 1957. Ed Koterba, one of 1,500 reporters to greet the queen, was busy brushing up on his etiquette a month before this historic visit.

Date with the Queen


On the day of the visit, Koterba details the “queenly handshake.” In his description of the queen’s appearance, one might say the writing is not quite in keeping with today’s PC standards (e.g., “. . . an attractive housewife with jewels”), but keep in mind, this was written in 1957.

A Queenly Handshake